Building a Perfect Breakfast to Start the Day

Building a Perfect Breakfast to Start the Day

Pursuing a healthy lifestyle can feel exhausting, especially if you are just starting to adopt new habits. Trying to cram in time for exercising or meditation can feel impossible when you have a busy schedule and the only thing you want to do with your free time is relax. Perhaps you wake up in the morning with a plan to prepare a healthy dinner or go for a jog once you get home at the end of the day, but by the time evening rolls around, you are too exhausted to put forth that energy.

So how can you overcome these obstacles and lead a healthier lifestyle without ruining your night or having a negative attitude while pursuing your goals? One step that you can take is to focus on changes to your morning routine. How you start the day can dictate the rest of those 24 hours. If your morning is used to prioritize health, then it becomes a little easier to take additional steps throughout the day. It can also provide you with more energy.

The simplest way to focus on health in the morning is to create a nutritious breakfast. This meal gets your body started for the day by providing crucial vitamins and minerals to your cells so they can perform their duties, but only if you give them the resources they need. Here are a few ideas for building a perfect breakfast.

Fruit Smoothie

The excuse for a lot of people who do not prepare a healthy breakfast is time. It is so much quicker to eat a bowl of cereal than to spend time cooking or preparing multiple ingredients. While some cereals can be good options, they are usually unable to provide a highly diverse set of nutrients. A fruit smoothie is a breakfast plan that does not require a ton of time to prepare. Simple ingredients like frozen fruit, yogurt, some greens, or even ice can be thrown into a blender and mixed within a couple of minutes. Additionally, a smoothie is easy to take on the go if you are in a rush. There are many smoothie recipes that you can try that incorporate other ingredients to pack a heavier punch with nutrients.

Turmeric Coffee

This country is certainly one that runs on coffee. Many workers, parents, students, and others rely on the caffeination to inject some energy into their bodies to start the day. Some people drink multiple cups throughout the day to sustain that energy. Why not look for a more healthy option for your coffee needs? Turmeric coffee is a more recent trend that people are discovering has multiple health benefits. 100% natural turmeric may be hard to find in the store, but the key ingredient of curcumin is a powerful antioxidant that makes this product worth it. Free radicals are molecules that build up in the body during normal function, and curcumin is a great way to neutralize those substances in your body. A cup of turmeric coffee with breakfast can be a great boost in the morning.



A healthy breakfast can go even further when you start taking a vitamin/mineral supplement with it. While food should be your primary source of nutrients in the morning, you can support a balanced breakfast with supplements that take the form of capsules, gels, powders, pills, bars, or liquids. You can give your body a boost of specific vitamins or minerals depending on which product you buy. Your cells will appreciate the extra resources that you are sending them with your choices.

Lean Proteins

Most people are pretty hungry when they eat breakfast, and some will be eating this meal quite early in the day. This means that reducing that hunger feeling for as long as possible is an important element of a good breakfast since snacking throughout the day can reduce your ability to reach some health goals. Lean proteins are the ideal ingredient to make yourself feel more satisfied while providing the resources needed by your cells for the day. Some examples of lean proteins include peanut butter, Greek yogurt, eggs, cottage cheese, and certain nuts and seeds. Plenty of these options can even be incorporated into your smoothie. Lean proteins can also help stabilize your blood sugar for the day.

A Balanced Breakfast Can Be the First Step

While you may spend a little more time preparing the perfect breakfast to start the day, the benefits are worth it. First and foremost, your cells are receiving the resources needed to function going forward. However, this step can also put you into a more health-conscious mindset for the rest of the day. Maybe it will inspire you to go for a walk during your lunch break or do a more intense workout in the evening. You might even want to get out for some light exercise right after breakfast. The first step toward pursuing your health goals can be the most difficult, so simplify it by preparing the right breakfast in the morning.

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