Top 15 Animated Motion Graphics Videos for Business

Animated Motion Graphics Videos for Business

Motion graphics is a combination of visual media that combines film language with graphic design. This is done by incorporating other elements such as 3D animation, 2D animation, illustration, typography, photography, video, and music.

Most companies often use this type of video as an effective medium for conveying a message or information to the wider community. Usually, companies prefer to make explainer videos for animated commercials or training purposes.

This is because motion graphics are considered more attractive to people in a fast-paced and practical era like today. So, before you make your motion graphics video. Let’s check out the list of best motion graphics videos for businesses inspirational:

1. Construction Material

This motion graphic animated explainer video gives a brief detail of how construction material companies will be helpful to maintain your construction major project progress. 

The motion graphic design, color combination, and voice in the video help viewers receive and understand the information better. That way, the viewers will enjoy the video till the last video section.

Embed: Motion Graphic Explainer Video for Construction Material Company

2. A unique communication platform – Slack

When you are looking for the best team collaboration tool, you will be familiar with the slack tool. The video presents an engaging animation and they use an excellent strategy in bringing up brand awareness through a combination of colors in the video according to their logo’s color. 

Embed: Work, simplified. | Slack

3. CIK2Open

The video uses a more brilliant method in helping the viewers receive the whole information through clear and concise text. It is trying to explain how to create mobile flyers in the right way. The upbeat music also keeps them focused with an excellent animation that makes them stay till the end of the video.

Embed: Motion Graphic Animated Explainer Video for Clk2Open

4. Reddit’s new mobile app

This video on Reddit’s YouTube channel has broken down the complicated topic of how computer viruses work. It gives a clear depiction with compelling motion graphics design, and easy to digest explanation. This is a great example of motion graphics that can turn a complex topic into a fun generic topic.

Interestingly, you can take this video as your inspiration or ideas for creating your motion graphics video for your business.

Embed: Reddit’s New Mobile App

5. A handy SEO tool – Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools for businesses. It came up with a 2D animation video for giving information and insight about Ahrefs as a handy SEO tool. They have taken the art of 2D animation to create certain characters, objects, and backgrounds that suit their business.  

It is an excellent example of a motion graphics video for businesses. The concept it serves is concise which focuses on showcasing its features and tool, and organized where it starts with an introduction and ends with a call to action (CTA).

Embed: What is Ahrefs?

6. What’s Axelar? – Axelar

Axelar is a secure cross-chain communication for Web3. They’ve decided the right way to come up with an explainer video as their medium to deliver complex ideas to the public.

The video is another great example of a motion graphic explainer video that conveys complex concepts in a simple one. The depiction of the video through animation is amazing, and easy to digest, considering their product is quite abstract and difficult to understand.

Embed: What Is Axelar? Animated Explainer Video

7. A content-making platform – ScribbleLive

The animated scribble lives motion video features simpler illustrations and mockup screens to explain ideas without clutter. The story delivered is very informational and directional.

This video example can be your inspiration to create engaging video marketing for your business. That way, people can easily recognize your business and potentially go viral on social media platforms.

Embed: ScribbleLive Content Marketing Platform

8. The Belo – Airbnb

Without a doubt, this video owned by Airbnb can be your best inspiration. This is because the motion graphic videos produced by Airbnb have been successful in communicating its brand values and mission.

The introduction of meaning behind the logo is packed with motion graphics and the right voice provides a touching story of its own that connects the audience from the start

Embed: Airbnb Introduces the Bélo: The Story of a Symbol of Belonging | Airbnb

9. Digital Transformation – Microsoft

Microsoft explains how digital has transformed rapidly nowadays through video motion graphics with proper color selection, characters, and animation. This can be the best example to inspire you in making videos.

Embed: ‘Digital transformation’ is more than just a catchy phrase for Microsoft’s cloud customers

10. Customer Onboarding video

This customer onboarding video uses motion graphics and a unique character in explaining the form of providing solutions to the audience to use lab management tools to facilitate their work. This can be a powerful business tactic included in the video to attract customers.

Embed: Customer Onboarding Video for Clustermarket | Motion with Character Animation

11. How Paypal Works – Paypal

Paypal has produced short videos explaining the use of Paypal simply and easily. This can be categorized as an animated commercial type of video that showcases the benefit of a product. The color and animation choices are awesome which may attract audiences to watch the video till the end.

Embed: How PayPal Works

12. Better Light, Better world 

This video can be the best example for those of you who have lighting as your main concept. This is because this video uses lighting effects as the main object to convey the message of how important light is in our lives.

Embed: Better Light, Better Life

13. XY Labs

XY Labs video presents a video with compelling motion graphics and moving text that helps audiences to understand the messages in the video. Since the concept of the product is quite complex and hard to understand. The video has simplified it.

Embed: Explainer Video for XY Labs | Motion Graphic Animation

14. Google Cloud IoT – Google

This motion graphics video from Google has managed successfully to explain well about storage, data collection, and leveraging some combination of regular graphics, abstract shapes, and movement. This can be a great inspiration to produce your video for your business.

Embed: Google Cloud IoT Solutions 

15. The Process of making chocolate

When it’s about storytelling, motion graphics is the best answer. As you can see in the video, it delivers the messages pretty well through the use of storytelling with engaging animation visuals. This can be the best option to consider for a business.

Embed:The Process Of Making Chocolate


If your company’s products or services are in the realm of digital space or are too complex to be described directly, then promotion through motion graphics is the right choice.

Motion graphics have been proven to help convey complex information in the form of long, formatted text into moving graphics, making messages easy to understand. 

Hence, it’s time to produce your motion graphics videos. With some of the best example videos mentioned above, you can use them as inspiration to produce incredible videos.


Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video production company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order).

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