8 Techniques to Use the Video Editing Tool to Grow Your Brand

8 Techniques to Use the Video Editing Tool to Grow Your Brand

Every brand competes for the viewers’ attention in today’s online world. As a result, it has become more crucial than ever to up your game in this domain. You may have a great product, but you won’t get any sales if the viewers don’t notice it. 

A strong narrative is required to catch the viewer’s attention. A great video will then paint an impactful story in the viewer’s mind. If done right, all the collective footage will create a positive impact on the audience about your brand.

Now, you put on your creative hat and work tirelessly to shoot all the required footage for your video. You created an outline and visualized exactly how you wanted the video to turn out. 

Half the battle is won. Now it’s time to take your footage to the post-processing stage. 

Video editing is often considered to be a long and tiring process. Combining raw footage into a video that provides value to the audience and generates sales is a learned skill. 

This requires a mix of technical knowledge and creativity. 

Many professional video editors post tutorials about making videos to teach this skill. Observe how they do it. Watching tutorials will make it a lot easier to navigate your way around while using video editing software.

Read on to discover 8 video editing techniques that can make your editing journey easier and help you progress from a beginner to a pro editor.

Choose the Correct Hardware 

Video editing is considered to be one of the most processor-intensive tasks. So it is important to use a device that can easily deal with a huge volume of data.

This will help make the entire editing process run smoothly and prevent any lags in the video, which is important since lagging can turn the viewer away from the video as it can be difficult and unsatisfactory to watch. 

Look for devices with adequate RAM, Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), and a powerful CPU. This will help speed up your loading and export time. 

It is also important to make sure that you have ample storage space. Consider investing in an external SSD to expand the storage capacity.

Choose the Right Video Editing Tool

Using the right video editing tool will help you to streamline the video creation procedure, thus saving a huge amount of effort and time. A good quality video editing tool will help you post promotional videos regularly which will further help you understand the type of content that works best for the target audience.

Spend some time comparing the different options available in the market. This will help you make an informed decision in choosing the tool that is easy to grasp and compatible with your editing style.

Keep your Focus on the Story 

Always focus on the message that you want to convey through your video. Keep the story in your mind while making every editing decision. Use video cuts sparingly. 

The effects and transitions added to the video must be used in such a manner that it does not distract the viewer. Think about the atmosphere you want to set and the key takeaways you want your viewers to focus on. 

Add images and sound in a way that will enhance the viewer’s experience. An online video editor can help you with all this and make your video editing work effortless.

Learn to Work Efficiently 

Aspire to make your video editing work as efficient as possible. 

Before you start editing, make sure all of your content is well organized into different folders. Create separate folders for the footage, images, audio files, and graphics. This will help you find the required footage quickly and save time.

Learning keyboard shortcuts is also going to be a timesaver. Most editing software programs allow the option of using keyboard shortcuts to perform various functions. Try to memorize and customize these shortcuts. 

You can also try the easier version and invest in purchasing a software-specific editing keyboard that already has shortcut icons on them. 

Know the Important Editing Terms

The video editing industry has a language of its own. It would be best if you learned the phrases and abbreviations that are generally used. This will help you to understand tutorials better and communicate effectively with clients and other editors in the long run.

Take the time to learn what phrases like jumpcut, L cut, montage, cutaways, and several others mean.

Select the Right Music

While making a video, choosing the right audio is as important as the visuals. Whether you’re making an advertisement, a sitcom, or a documentary film, music can make or break the project. 

If you’re just starting with video editing, it’s best to collaborate with a professional until you can fully grasp the nuances of adding the appropriate audio. When done right, music at the key moments will help trigger a strong emotional response from the audience and hook them to your content.

Make sure you have the right to use the music and other content you don’t own. Many social media platforms are strict and will take down any videos with copyrighted music.

Add Graphics and Text

For social media content, it is a wise move to add subtitles and other appropriate text to your videos. 

Many people mute the sound when they scroll on social media. Subtitles will help the viewers easily understand the story of your video. 

Highlight some phases to reiterate the important points you’re trying to convey. Add interesting graphics and animations relating to the topic. This will help elevate the quality of your videos.

Color Correct the Video

Color plays a major role in video editing. Altering the color helps set a specific atmosphere for the scene and highlight particular subjects. 

There are two ways to do this – color correction and color grading. Video segments shot in different lighting can look odd when compiled.

Colour correction involves making changes to have a consistent color profile throughout the video. Colour grading focuses on giving a distinct look to the scene. For example, giving a colder or warmer tone to the entire video.

A Concluding Note

There is a lot of information out there about video editing. All you need is a will to learn. 

Many of the tutorials are completely free on social media platforms. It will be very helpful if you diligently watch and learn how the pros work. And don’t forget to back up your work at the end of each session.

Whether you’re a beginner at making videos or you’ve been doing it for a while, there will always be scope for improvement. So, keep practicing, and you will soon gain confidence. After that, the sky’s the limit.

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