Spectrum Silver Package Review

Spectrum Silver Package

Spectrum Silver Package

Spectrum Silver Package is a TV service that allows consumers to stream their favorite international, and local TV shows, live sports, culture and history-related shows, movies, and much more. It is the most budget-friendly with the most convenient package and offers more than 175 channels along with HBO Max and SHOWTIME being the premium channels for $74.99 per month which is ideal for in-home entertainment at a lower price.

The Many Channels

Spectrum Silver Package comes with 175+ channels with HBO Max, SHOWTIME, NFL NETWORK being the premium. It is a very diverse service and caters to people with interests with all kinds of interests. These channels include family-friendly TV shows and movies on HBO Max and SHOWTIME. The series lovers have Nick Jr for them with its engaging programming. For the National Football League fans, there is NFL Network where they can stream live sports.

Apart from these main channels, Spectrum Silver Package offers channels with shows related to culture, history, current affairs, sports and food.

High Resolution

This package not only comes with many streaming options; it also comes with free HD programming making the visual quality top notch. It is a plus point for people who are into fantasy and science fiction-related content.

Bundle Offer

In these trying times people like being entertained but also prefer staying on a budget. Contract and bundle offers come with a great deal for people who like to keep their expenses in control and are a win-win for both the consumer and the provider.

If you get the Spectrum internet along with the Spectrum Silver Package, as a bundle offer, you will not have to pay the device installation fee. Spectrum sends a professional who installs your device for free. So it saves you the money and the hassle of having to call an installation guy separately and you also get up to 200 Mbps internet along with the awesome Spectrum TV Silver service.

Unlimited Data

Unlike other internet service providers, Charter Spectrum is one of the rare services in the US that does not restrict your data consumption. They provide unlimited data and don’t charge any extra fee. The uncapped data allowance gives its users the freedom to use unlimited data without any anxiety of being charged. When you’re out and bored, you can watch your favorite shows without the fear and anxiety of having limited data.

App On-The-Go

The Silver Package comes with a free app that can be accessed on the go anywhere. To stream your favorite shows, you just need to have an internet connection. Whether you have the app on your phone or open their website link on the browser, you can access it anywhere. The app can be accessed and streamed on Samsung smart TV, Apple TV, Xbox One, and on your tablet.

So, even if you don’t have your TV with you, you can still stream your favorite shows and watch them at your convenience anywhere at any time. With the internet, you can even use the out-of-home FREE Spectrum hotspot network to watch shows, live sports, or movies. The free app makes the Silver package very user-friendly.


Most of the time when you get a package like this, you have to make commitments and go through contracts. With Spectrum TV there are no hidden or extra charges, and you get a trial period on your subscription to be able to judge if the package suits you and your family. If it does not suit you, you may cancel your subscription within the trial period, and get yourself a complete refund.

Along with the money-back option, Spectrum TV service comes with a contract-free plan which is also cancellation friendly and won’t charge you any cancellation fee if you decide to discontinue the subscription. There are no commitments or payment promises when you subscribe, which makes the subscription 10x easier. In a world where there is a fee charged for everything, Spectrum TV makes it easy for its users to discontinue without having to pay any hefty fees.

Customer Service

It is very common with usual customer support that people have to wait for hours to get a response, and many times things also get lost in translation. With Spectrum TV, the customer support representatives are very efficient and are available 24/7/365 to assist the users. They make sure to be clear and try to cater to the customer’s query or issue at the earliest. They are comparatively more understanding and take the customer’s issues seriously.

The Verdict

The Spectrum Silver package is a very family-friendly, convenient package and is also very budget-friendly if you buy it with a bundle offer. What makes it different and more attractive than the other streaming packages is the contract-free option and the money-back policy.

It is a package you can get with no strings attached and even if you don’t like it, you can always withdraw without having to pay cancellation charges or any extra charges. Another plus point is that it comes with 175+ channels that you can stream anywhere at any time without having to worry about the limited data and picture quality. When you get it in a bundle offer it comes along with the internet which means you don’t have to compromise on the visuals and the data.

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