Microcement Is An Essential Element In Interior Decoration

Microcement Is An Essential Element In Interior Decoration

Have you ever thought of giving your home a change of look? a new change in your home, such as floors, ceilings, and walls that are already out of fashion or already bored from looking at it so much.

A Possible Solution is Microcement

it is a decorative coating with a very simple type of installation since it is applied directly on the surface without removing the existing material. By not having to carry out work and remove debris, you will save time and money, and your home will remain habitable

As we have talked about in the upper part of the article, microcement is a type of decorative coating which you can place in both exterior and interior rooms, being compatible with any surface such as walls, floors, and ceilings so that in this way you achieve equity and balance in the decoration of the house.

Microcement is Applied Directly To The Material Itself

This can be applied to a large number of elements, such as the kitchen, bathroom tiles, among other parts of your home, which makes microcement a material that is very adaptable to everything. type of surfaces and elements, since it allows covering any type of surface and achieving a totally continuous pavement without cracks or joints.

Another part that should be noted is the cleaning of the microcement since by not having cracks or joints we will be able to prevent these areas from picking up dirt, which will facilitate disinfection and cleaning, and with that, we will achieve that these sites are freer of bacteria and germs with all that this entails for our health and that of those around us.

On the other hand, microcement can guarantee high resistance to very crowded places, since it is a very resistant material both over time and those cleaning products that we usually use and that are aggressive for other types of materials.

What are The Main Benefits of Microcement?

Microcement offers multiple benefits unlike other materials, this has made it an ideal tool for designing all kinds of styles and spaces. Below we go on to detail all these benefits:

Infinite Colors

Microcement offers a mix of different types of colors so that you can create unlimited combinations. That will provide each room in your home or furniture with a unique place with personality.

Compatibility With All Surfaces

The microcement adapts to any surface. This is because it has great adhesion, and it will not be necessary to remove the previous material. This one will not come off.

High Decorative Value

You can apply it outdoors as well as indoors. It is also adaptable on walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, swimming pools, and terraces, among others. This makes it one of the tools with a high decorative value.


Microcement is a material that can perfectly withstand abrasion, the effect of ultraviolet rays, mechanical force, among others.

Clean and Very Fast Installation

This material will not leave any type of debris in your home. So it is very easy and comfortable to install.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Cleaning and maintenance are super simple. You just have to use neutral soap and water, with these two ingredients you will keep your microcement in perfect condition. You can also use special cleaners for this type of material.


The thickness of the microcement is a thin layer that ranges between 2 and 3 mm.

Price-Quality Ratio

Microcement reduces the total cost of the reform or the work you want to create to the maximum, obtaining elegance and distinction in each space.

With all the above we can affirm that microcement is unique and also has potential. That allows you to combine various designs in all your spaces.

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