5 Ways To Use IGTV for Your Personal Brand

5 Ways To Use IGTV for Your Personal Brand

Given how fiercely competitive the social media industry is, it’s not surprising that Instagram is evolving and investing more in features that can boost engagement and motivate content providers to produce more engaging posts. Instagram’s IGTV is a lengthy video format that may be used to promote a company or item. When it was introduced in 2018, IGTV quickly gained popularity, displacing YouTube videos with mobile videos. You can preview videos in your feed for more than 60 seconds as well. Instagram also makes it simpler to monitor the performance of your whole body of work by providing insights for both posts and videos in a single view. Analytics on IGTV can help you check how your videos are performing. And also, to have a good performance you need to gain a customer base. This can be achieved by increasing brand awareness.

Here we will discuss 5 ways to use IGTV for your personal brand.

Describe your company and its products

The length of the videos on IGTV makes them ideal for in-depth videos meant to expose Instagrammers to your brand and its services. You can talk about how you built your brands, the difficulties you faced, and similar things. When your product debuts, you can do a showcase where you want to present as many details as you can. People can view the steps you take to launch or produce a product. The audience will appreciate your in-depth understanding of business and the product you are introducing or developing. People can readily access videos on their phones, making it highly practical.

Show behind the scenic

Giving a glimpse into your daily life is one of the finest methods to broaden your audience and strengthen your relationships with your followers. As a result, people feel more connected to you and your brand. You can share a day in your life with them, as well as the process behind making an Instagram post, as well as any bloopers, or other similarly brief vlogs or videos. To make them feel like you are one of them, you might even tell them about your family and friends. Giving visitors a glimpse inside your production process is a terrific way to use IGTV. You can make even the video engaging with the right background music and camera angles.

Your brand should be mentioned on your IGTV or Instagram in general

When creating an IGTV, be sure to link every single piece of information related to the tools you’re utilising. They can be added to the description, caption, and subtitles. Users now have a simple choice for purchasing a specific product. You will also be able to easily provide each product’s details to anyone who asks them in a personal DMS. Increased website traffic from product links in the caption shows that potential clients are interested in your product. This encourages conversation and boosts the number of followers. In the bio part of your profile, you may also add a link to your website. At the conclusion of your IGTV video, you can state this. Promote your brand and your product as much as you can through stories or posts or IGTV.

Watch the analytics

Limit the length of your IGTV videos. We notice that YouTube videos are lengthier because there are only long videos there. You must maintain a not longer than five minutes video for your IGTV. If it’s too long or dull, people can easily skip it. In order to check where you are lacking, you have to watch your statistics option ever-ready.   In-depth analytics are provided by IGTV. The “Audience Retention” graph in IGTV analytics lets you know just how many minutes into your videos people are people invested.  If you notice a dramatic decline in views, you are obviously doing something incorrectly and should address it for further uploads. Prepare the video according to your time estimate.


Instagram videos of all kinds, including IGTV, increase engagement. IGTV can help you expand your consumer base more quickly than ever if you want to market your brand on Instagram. Amazing features on Instagram might assist you in a variety of ways. One of the characteristics mentioned on this list is IGTV. Brand recognition is aided through IGTV. This helps your brand become more well-known on social media in general, not just on Instagram. It aids in increasing brand recognition and gaining exposure to your target market. With IGTV, you have total independence to do whatever you feel brings in more engagement.

If you notice a dramatic decline in views, you are obviously doing something incorrectly and need to make the necessary corrections for subsequent uploads. Analytics are useful for this. You can even buy instagram  views if you have a good budget to spend on brand marketing. A fantastic tool for brand expansion is IGTV. Make good use of it.

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