Advantages of QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting for Startups

Advantages of QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting for Startups

QuickBooks is known to professionals as the best accounting software, regardless of the size of your enterprise. Intuit designed QuickBooks with the needs of business owners in different disciplines in mind. They have something for everyone in the market. For a thriving business, QuickBooks desktop enterprise with hosting is the best version of QuickBooks. QuickBooks Enterprise has entered the market and has rapidly established itself as the best accounting software for sporadic growing companies. Software hosting in the cloud is very popular because companies that are experiencing prosperous growth are run by people who have a technology niche and are aware of the technology that best suits their needs.

Below Mentioned are Some Benefits of QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting for Startups:

Remote Access:

There is a network service for the standard Windows operating system called Windows Terminal Services. If you use Terminal Services with QuickBooks Enterprise, you can access your system from a location other than the installation site. This feature does not work if you are using the Pro version of QuickBooks. Reliable hosting providers offer QuickBooks Enterprise cloud hosting accounts. This is the easiest way to provide remote access to your users.

Increased Permissions Range 

Approval is usually a very important issue for many enterprises and work systems. As the business grows sporadically and you add connections with your employees, it’s important to be able to limit user access based on relationships with specific transactions. With QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting Services, you get new packs of user account security tools that allow you to easily assign permissions and privileges across your system and employee ranking.

Process Larger Files 

QuickBooks Enterprise consists of one upper edge over the other versions i.e., strong processing power. As your business expands your data and file sizes will be increasing substantially. The pro version can process files of about 200MB which makes it difficult to process any further. Further increase in file size can lead to the app crashing down. On the other side, when you have QuickBooks Enterprise, you will be able to process a file size of more than 1 GB. There is less chance of you hitting a standing halt or a function slowing down due to a large data file when you are on QuickBooks Enterprise. This leads to saving your time in archiving data if you have less processing capacity to prevent system crashes.

Excellent Support

Choosing QuickBooks Enterprise as your accounting software of choice with the subscription gives you access to one year of free technical support at no additional cost. Combine this with 24/7 customer support from your hosting provider for an unmatched seamless experience, especially if you just switch to accounting software the first time. In addition, technical support for QuickBooks Enterprise users is provided through the Intuit Priority Circle, which is attended only by experienced staff who have a complete understanding of the product.

Easy Backup

Finally, if you decide to subscribe to QuickBooks Enterprise hosting. You’ll get additional features in the form of a one-year subscription to the online vault. This 10GB storage can be used to back up your data. Apart from the large amount of data storage space provided by your cloud hosting provider.


When it comes to accounting software. QuickBooks Enterprise is the right software to help you keep up with a thriving business.

That’s why it is recommended to go for an Intuit Authorized Hosting Provider like Apps4Rent who will also guide you on services to migrate email to Office 365. These providers will give you that freedom and have no negative effects on your data or performance.

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