6 Home Textile Trends in 2021

6 Home Textile Trends in 2021

The Textile Trends are not only about striking colors or patterns. But here also aspects of the utmost importance are highlighted. Such as maintenance, durability, recycling, and sustainability that today have gained a super important value in the textile world. After the coronavirus pandemic.

Technical fabrics have become very comfortable, which are very often associated with patterns that do not have personality and tend to have textures that are not very pleasant.

Let Us Know Below The Textile Trends in Styles, Colors in 2021. 

In 2021 the most demanded in fabrics goes around hygiene or safety, that is, materials that are antibacterial and very easy to clean. Many of the professionals in the textile sector have responded to innovative and technical materials, but also that they are beautiful and very warm.

So this means that the materials must be versatile and technical, which means fabrics that have great beauty under a production process that allows them to be washable and also stain-resistant.

Among The Fabrics Used in 2021 in Textiles Are:

  1. Polyester
  2. Cotton
  3. Polyester and cotton blended.

In addition, velvet is framed within the textile trends.

Linen and wool are fabrics that provide comfort and warmth. They are also timeless and elegant, they provide well-being and a lot of peace. Which creates a relaxed atmosphere at home.

You can also bet on fabrics that are of high quality and great durability, with organic, earthy, and recycled colors, fabrics that are natural.

According to professionals in the textile field, the fashionable colors in 2021 are:

  1. Yellow
  2. Grays
  3. Blue
  4. Green

The color green is a boom in Spain, an idea that has been developing for a long time.

In addition to the aforementioned colors, we also bet on natural tones such as:

  1. The mustard
  2. Reddish tones
  3. Earth colors
  4. Oxide colors

However, bright and vivid colors are not far behind for this 2021, in textiles, colors such as:

  1. The yellows in all their range
  2. Pink colors
  3. Persimmons
  4. Lavenders
  5. Dark burgundy
  6. Colors like emerald greens
  7. White color

The sober and silent tones, this is a kind of kind and peaceful, meditative and very relaxing color palette, these colors are soft tones between contrasts of light colors and theatricality of dark contrasts.

Let’s see below the most outstanding home textile trends in 2021:

Textile Trends with Mud Patterns

This is a very popular design trend with mud and fabric motifs. This is undoubtedly a way of elaboration with authentic cotton made by hand and dyed with fermenting mud. A beauty.

Here designers play with these textiles by designing dots, line patterns, and geometric designs.

Color patterns that are dark on fabrics that are light provide a very beautiful contrast.

Textile Trends with Irregular Lines 

Cream colors with lines that are irregular are definitely the latest trends in 2021. Lines that do not follow any kind of order in appearance and the contrast between light and dark are the replica rolex gmt master.

·         Textile Trends with Warmth

The booming trend is a home that is cozy, drawings, patterns, and prints that stand out with solid colors.

Textile Trends with Natural Charm 

The raw materials and tones such as hemp and fique are the ones. That are imposed to create rustic atmospheres in homes.

  1. Textile with a romantic spirit

Light pastel tones and floral prints are what bring charm and delicacy in all home environments, they are exclusive in 2021.

Textures and Stripes

Very fashionable stripes with very light tones that are combined with white or beige or if you prefer you can get it in the same color range in gradient.

In short, we see how nature is invading textiles. So don’t wait any longer and start changing your spaces.

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