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3D Floors That Turn Any Bathroom Into An Incredible Place

The world of three dimensions is something more and more common. So much so that the world of decoration has not wanted to put it aside. The uses of this wonderful optical effect. Renewing the aesthetics of our homes almost completely. The magic of 3D is transforming the interior design into a visual game, where rooms border on the impossible, virtually opening up to new spaces.

Dizzying Touch of 3D Floors

As we have already seen, a new trend in the world of decoration is 3D floors, smooth, uniform, and devoid of joints, which makes cleaning considerably easier. This type of flooring has been used for a long time, especially on large surfaces and leisure centers, but now we can use them to give a dizzying touch to the bathrooms in our homes

Artistic Challenge for 3D Floors

Artistic Challenge for 3D Floors

In addition to being incredibly resistant, withstanding extreme temperatures, friction, and the use of chemical products. They are self-leveling construction floors that pose an artistic challenge, on which the dimensions where you want to install it depends a lot. As well as the characteristics of the room, such as the light and use. You also have to take into account the furniture of the house, the style, and its tones, in order to maintain harmony in the style.

Incorporating one of these wonderful floors is somewhat difficult since it must be optimal. Consistent and hard surface. So it could not be installed on parquet or wooden floors. In addition, we must check that there is no humidity. The base surface will have to be cleaned and sanded very well. Then the self-leveling mortar is applied, hence the technical name of this type of flooring. Once hardened the pavement will be smooth and without any imperfections. If we painted this surface it could serve as a chromatic base for the design we have chosen.

Then the drawings are included, which are made with a resin composition called epoxy, either by hand or with digital techniques, which will be covered with a transparent resin bath. Over it will go a non-slip polyurethane plastic layer that will give the final texture, to choose between smooth, rough, glossy, or matte.

Designs for 3D Floors

Designs for 3D Floors

These floors are a component of maximum exclusivity. Which gives the possibility of turning any artistic design into a resistant and walkable floor. Most of the designs that we have been able to see are with marine motifs. Which are capable of transporting us to the depths of the ocean and beach environments for greater relaxation. Many of them also play with the walls, as with the toilets, creating environments full of life and harmony.

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