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The first trailer for God of War: Gold Edition promises to be more of the same, only better. According to the official PlayStation 4 game site, God of War: Gold Edition promises to cast Kratos and Atreus into the dark depths of Norse mythology with the destruction of their Nine realms and the ultimate death of their mighty gods. There is one Aesir, though, whose significant absence in the new PS4 game means that fans are eagerly waiting for his arrival in the second sequel. We take a look at some of the classic characters that will be appearing in God of War: Gold Edition.

Who is Kratos in Norse God of War

Norse God of War
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Kratos is the son of Dramatic Ironwood and Nisim from the previous game God of War: Chains of Eternity. He was found chained and left alone following his mother’s death in the previous game and taken in by a tribe of warrior-boys who worships the Nordic goddess of fire, Thor. With the help of his new friend Dramatic Ironwood, Kratos escaped from the tribe and traveled to join the northern kingdom of Caledonia where he vows to repay his debts to the northern kingdom and serve him in his stead. However, when an army of Orcs ambushed and murdered him while he returned to Caledonia, he swore to seek revenge on the members of the Orcs who had killed his family.

Introduction of Norse God of War

Norse God of War

The first trailer showcases the powerful abilities of Kratos. In the trailer, he uses a pair of dual blades and cuts down multiple enemies using only the momentum of his movements to slash his sword and protect himself. It looks like his fighting style may be influenced by the classic style of Greek mythology. As for his connection to the Norse pantheon, his rival for the throne is none other than Thor, who is known as the god of war and master of all warriors.

Kratos also has another important connection with the Norse god of war and that is his relationship with the goddess Tyr. During the trailer, it can be seen that he worships the goddess, which could mean that he might also become a god himself. The two have many things in common, for example, they both have the ability to command their own armies. Kratos was able to defeat his enemies not only because of his expertise with a sword but also because of his knowledge of the weave of magic. This would make him a very powerful foe in any video game based around the Norse domains.

Now, let’s talk about some of the abilities that the characters in the trailer possess. As stated before, Kratos is a master of war. In the trailer, he can be seen wielding two swords at the same time, which further emphasizes his ability to command his forces. Another thing that the trailer showed us is that Kratos has magical powers. It can be assumed that he will be able to call upon the power of these powers while in battle.

What is Norse Mythology?

Norse God of War
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Finally, what people should know about Norse mythology is that there will be another game featuring the character of Kratos. It is called the Norse myth-themed PlayStation Move game called Norsehammer. The main protagonist in this game is Heimdi. Heimdi is the daughter of the King of the Northern realm of Thjodh gold. In the trailer, it can be seen that he is dressed in a way that emphasizes his power and that of his ancestors. Heimdi wields a sword and shield similar to that of Thor, so it can be assumed that he has an almost fighting style based on the great warrior king.

Looking at the game in action, we can see that Norsehammer features an open world, like that of the Norse Mythology. This is because unlike the god of war trailers, Norsehammer does not center on one particular mythology. Instead, the game will deal with a set of gods from around the Northern region of Earth. There are also giants and other mythical creatures in this game.

If anything, it can be assumed that Norse mythology is going to be heavily involved with the overall concept of this game. This is because the game deals with a group of Nordic deities who are allies and enemies of the protagonist, Heimdi. These deities include Asclepius, Thor, Jordain, and more. The final game is also going to star characters from the Greek pantheon, namely Apollo, Poseidon, Neptune, Aphrodite, and more.

Experience The Excitement of Norse Mythology With Norse Mythology Characters

Norse God of War
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Norse Mythology is the oldest known theme in world literature. Authors such as Snorlaugur Grimsby, Michael Drayton, and even Andy Andrews have contributed to the rich tradition of this ancient tale. Mythological creatures such as dragons and giants are staples of many sagas and these imaginary beings form a large part of the characters of Norse Mythology. From the Sagas, poems and ballads reflect the depth and breadth of these characters. The sagas tell how the deities help the characters in their conflicts and how the deities sometimes interfere with their own agendas to ensure the survival of the characters.

Games based on the mythology of Norse Mythology are therefore hugely popular with fans of the sagas. They portray a world that is much more vivid and fantastical than our own. The user gets to travel to places where mythological creatures are believed to roam. Some of these games have gained a lot of popularity in the west as well. This genre of game gives the user an opportunity to live in this fabulous world of gods and heroes and to enjoy the story at the same time.

Features of Norse God of War

Norse God of War
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Character customization is one of the most common features that these epic quests offer. The players are allowed to create their characters according to their own wishes. They can change aspects such as hair, skin, and eyes to make them look different from the original. When they meet other players, they can also choose which outfit they want to wear. While playing these games, the users can learn about the different personalities and quirks of these characters.

Norse Mythology features some of the best warriors of ancient times. Now, you can experience their stories and play them as you like. These characters have appeared in several video games over the years. The developers have created an exciting package for the customers. When you are using these characters, you can surely transform into a powerful warrior in the midst of thrilling battles in the game.

Another aspect that can be changed in the game is the fighting techniques. There are various weapons available and players can customize their characters with the help of these weapons. There are even special moves and abilities that can be unlocked and that can help the player in winning battles. These characters in Norse Mythology are capable of handling weapons and using superior agility and strength.

In order to become a powerful warrior in the game, the player needs to be equipped with certain skills. These skills can be learned while playing these games. When these characters are combined with their abilities, they can lead teams of warriors that can help them to fight against the enemies and to win the game. They can also be transformed into mythical creatures that are strong enough to destroy the strongest characters of the enemy.

New Versions of Norse God of War

Norse God of War
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A number of changes have also been made in the earlier versions of the game. When the initial game was released, the characters of Norse Mythology had blue eyes and dark hair. The graphics of the earlier version were not that great and many people had criticized the design of the characters. However, the recent versions have given a completely new look to the game. Now, the players can select the hair, eye, and skin color of their characters.

When it comes to battles, the players are required to select the most effective team members to play them. However, they can form any team among their choices. These characters can also change their clothing as per the situation. When they participate in a battle, they do not just stand there, but they move like warriors and take heavy blows on the enemies.

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